All Deifics of The Otuverse!

by Johnnie Jones Jr., M.B.A.

The Deifics (Gods) are the children of Ab-entities and the second highest levels of serfs in the Otuverse (behind the Ab-entities themselves). Deifics are god level entities that play massive roles in Un's Prose. The list of Deifics are:

1. *Actuality (King Of The Deifics)

2. Triality (F) (Good, Evil, Neutrality deity)

3. Duality (M/F)( Good/Evil Opposites Deity)

4. Inexorable (Order Deific, Deific Enforcer)

5. GodKind Calamity (Chaos Deific)

6. The Chaos Kween (F) (Entropy Deific)

7. Intellectuality (Highest level intellect)

8. *Potentiality (F) (probability, luck Deific)

9. The Grym Goddess (Goddess of Force)

10. *Unamuun (All Science And Magic Deific)

11. Adamancy (Power, Strength, Durability Creator Deific)

12. Eventuality (F)(Intelligence, Endurance, Adaptability Creator Deific)

13. *The Deific Bone (Death, Skeleton Deific)

14. Pyruun (Fire and Flame Deific)

15. Cerdaleka (F), the Deific Mage

16. Algid (Absolute Zero Deific)

17. Genees (F)(Absolute Healing Deific)

18. Kaev (Messenger, Traveler Deity)

19. Grod (Ugliness Deific)

20. Sui, the Deific Greed

* Considered Ab-entities either by Actuality, Un's Prose, or themselves.