Planets from the Galaxy of Un's Prose

by Johnnie Jones Jr., M.B.A.

Un 's Prose is the name of the Galaxy where planet Unan and Alfaman resides.

There are 10 terrestrial planets, 10 gas giants, 10 planetary bodies in Unan's Prose The planets are:

Terrestrial planets:

1. Adaman (war), Triangular Planet

2. Evenan (logic), Square Planet

3. Unan (war, logic, environment), circular

4. Travailan (creation, experiment), Pentagon shaped planet

5. Rushan (battle, tournament, war) Pentagon shaped Planet

6. Knulan (law, discussion, cohabitation), Flat planet

7. Xixlan (observation, travel), Donut Shaped

8. Planet Foi (Tree, Planet World)

9. Thryto (Paradise Planet)

10. Untal 3(Ice World)

11. Liquidus (World of liquids)

Gas giants (of natural elements):

1. Drfgr
2. Ryhnrif
3. Exool 120
4. Cervin 9
5. Panix
6. Ter Threp-o 104
7. Antyn
8. Vop-o 217
9. Laotopia
10. Sulenella

Planetary bodies (Moons, Large masses of Rock)

1. Qrtuun (Home Planet of The Royal Black Veil)
2. Uoi
3. Antox
4. X'alis (Metal World for Metallaires)
5. Durroid 34
6. Ees IV (now Nnicu) (Home Planet of Lord Nnicus)
7. Delta Sot Loilla 12

*Serfs live on most of the known planets.

**Unan (or urth) is the planet that Alfaman and the Unaman (human-likes) live on.