The Otuverse (Alfaman Multiverse)

by Johnnie Jones Jr., M.B.A.

Dimensional Understanding by Serfs:

1st Dimension: The Ithics

2nd Dimension: The Otuun

3rd Dimension: The general serfs of Un's Prose and the Unaman, the Omega Guardians.

4th Dimension: Potentiality, Aura, fear, wind (which is why most can't SEE the energy of potential), Onglos and Kardae.

5th Dimension: Actuality, king of the Deifics. Guarded by Grey and Neutral matter energies.

6th Dimension: First Ab-entity NullU the Void and The Brainstorm (the eternal source of the Society of Sorceries, Spectruun, the Hvidian matter personified ((Hvid energy)). The Morkinetic aka Morkman, The entity of Mork personified (Mork energy). Eterianus, the radiant recorder of the multiverse, from him an Eterian Emperor records for their universal assignment. The ETER or Eternal scroll wrote the Otuverse (Otu is Igbo for ONE) and the Alfaman Multiverse and is (metaphysical) and recorded the All-Alfa.*** It could be disputed whether the All-Alfa is a 6th Dimensional serf that is stronger than the Deific Actuality because All-Alfa was detailed in the Eter record before the creation of the Alfaman Multiverse.

7th Dimension: The Dimension of Un, the All-Creator is guarded by the combination of the All-matter, Dark, Anti-Dark, White, Anti-White energies. This Dimension is physically guarded by the Ab-entities Ųņùň The Personification of Un The All-Creator and the ALL-ALFA. Un is also the mentor of The Brainstorm (of the Supper Upper Quantum).